4 Month Regression Confession

Sleep and newborns is an oxymoron.

Among all the advice received from friends and family, sleep was definitely at the top of the list of the woes of parenthood.

Continually people were saying, “Sleep while you can!”, and other things of that sort.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my sweet boy is a good sleeper.

I’ve done little things, like not rush to his side at night when he’s fussing, but I haven’t let him “cry it out” as some books would encourage.

It’s not in me to do it.  I can’t stand it, nor do I want to.   🙂 #nojudgement

But I can’t take credit for this, I think it’s the luck of the draw, or sperm, however you wanna look at it.

He’s been sleeping 8 hours+ since he was two months old.

I hesitate to talk to other parents about how well he’s sleeping, because I’m met with quizzical expressions, and general disdain.

So I tend to keep quiet.


In regards to parenting, I try to limit most outside sources that don’t align with my beliefs, or research endlessly what might happen with my baby so as not to unwittingly “produce” any undesired effects.

So when out of nowhere he started waking up at night, and giving us a run for our money at bedtime, I reluctantly typed into google “4 month old waking up at night”.

To my dismay, article after article appeared about the 4 month regression.

So here we are.  In it.

I hesitate to complain, since I’ve had it so easy thus far, but Lord help me!

It’s like our little angel becomes a hellion at night, and nothing will soothe him other than boobie milk.

In the morning light, our peaceful little wakes up to his normal sweet self only to fall apart when nighttime creeps over our little home.

So here I sit, sipping my black coffee, trying to be productive through tired eyes smeared with concealer, and hoping that tonight will be the night I get a good night’s sleep.

And all the mamas said, Amen.








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