Girl’s Night Out

So I just got home from my first girl’s night out since I don’t remember when.

I had Asa at the end of September, and it was somewhere around that time, so you do the math.

It was fun, we went and saw ‘The Lady in the Van’.

I hadn’t heard of it before.  Maggie Smith plays an old woman living out of her car in 1970s London.

I liked it.  It was cute and heartwarming.  I wasn’t overwhelmed, but many moments made me laugh, smile, and reflect…so I liked it.

Afterward we had drinks at the bar in the theater.

That was the most fun.  Just sitting, chatting, and having girl time.

It felt Sex and the City-esque to me.

It probably wasn’t that exciting, but since it’s been so long, it was exciting for me, haha.

I felt this funny antsiness being away from Asa, like I needed to get back quickly.

Just felt like something was missing.

Anyhow, now I’m back home and pumping ’cause my boobs are full of milk.

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