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Keira Knightly Topless

So my initial thoughts when I heard Keira Knightly had posed topless for a photo shoot were not positive.

But, after reading about it, and more importantly after looking at her photo, I feel very different now.
There are of course things that can be said about modesty, but somehow it made me feel more connected to her.
It humanized her. She looks amazingly beautiful of course, but it doesn’t feel so overly sexualized.
Seeing an untouched photo of a celebrity is encouraging really.
She’s beautiful.
Just how she is.
Small breasts.
Slightly asymmetrical.
It’s beautiful.
And we are all beautiful. Despite what we may tell ourselves everyday when we look in the mirror.
It is beautiful that we even get to exist.
That we have life, and breath, and consciousness.
It is a gift.

How do you feel about this?

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