Little Things

A bird just pooped on my face and hair.

And that pretty much sums up my week.

I’ve heard that a bird pooping on your head is good luck.

Maybe that’s just the optimist in me.


This week has been such a weird one.  I’m not one to worry or stress, but for some reason I’ve been letting little things get to me.

Little things that when I step back for a moment, I know don’t matter.

Little things like work piling up.

Little things like IT problems.

Little things like not having enough time to edit.

Little things that steal my joy.

But I am allowing it to happen.

I have control over my attitude.

I have control over how I am going to react in a given situation.

I don’t have control over others.

But I have control over how I’m going to receive something.

I can choose to absorb negativity, or have it bounce off of me.

I can shake things off, or take them in.


All I have to do is choose.

Choose everyday what I will do with the little things.

And instead of letting these little things ruin my day, looking for little things that will brighten it.

Little things like the fact that Asa is growing, and will soon have teeth in his mouth.

Little things like the fact that he’s going to be 5 MONTHS in 3 days.

Little things like the fact that we are traveling to Lake Tahoe tomorrow.

Little things like having a place to shower everyday.

Little things like a warm bed, and cuddles with Dustin, Asa and the dogs.


And then these little things seem to be all around, and they are big things.

Big things in my life that I am taking for granted.

And then the fog lifts, and the joy returns, and I feel whole again.

These little things can’t bring me down, because there are so many BIG THINGS to be thankful for.

I hope you are looking at the big things in your life that you can be thankful for today.




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