Say Yes

I’ve been a long proponent of the power of saying no.

Saying no to take back your life, your schedule, your vision for your life.

Years back I was at a point in my life where I had over-scheduled myself to the max, to the point where I had no time for fun.

I had committed myself to a ton of things that initially brought me joy, but resentment began to creep in because I couldn’t keep up with the busyness that I had created in my life.

People wear a busy badge of honor all the time, saying things like “Oh, I’m just so busy, there’s no way I can meet this week.”

And on and on it goes,  with the game of coordinating your schedules, until you never actually hold the meeting you’ve been trying to make happen for years.

Because of that busyness, I swung the pendulum to the complete opposite end, and would say no to mostly everything.

This is not a hard thing for me, I’m actually very good at saying no and setting up healthy boundaries, and have no guilt surrounding that.

However, for my personality, I have to be really careful to not completely isolate myself and become a reclusive homebody.

Which is exactly what I did when I had my baby.

I was home all the time.  I wasn’t setting aside time for myself, or my husband, and I could feel anxiety coming over me.

And then I realized, I need community.  Anytime we get out of the house on a date and see friends, even if it’s a short visit, I feel so energized.

So a few weeks ago I made an effort to get out of my comfort zone and made plans with several of my friends who I had been meaning to see.

You know those conversations, “It’s been too long, we really need to hang out”, and then it never ever happens.

In one week, I had three dates with friends, and it was amazing.

There was food, and laughing, and card playing, and catching up, and story telling, and it was beautiful.

And the only regret I have is that we didn’t make plans sooner.


So, maybe saying yes isn’t so bad.  What could you say yes to in your life today that you’ve been avoiding due to busyness, fear or just laziness?

Don’t let the grind get in the way of life’s joys.

The TV, internet, errands, cleaning or whatever else you’re putting first can wait until tomorrow.  Be friendly today.

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