Sleep Styler First Impression

So I got sucked into the QVC world and I bought the Sleep Styler rollers(the ones from Shark Tank).

Actually, it’s 2017, so YouTube sucked me in, but that’s just details.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

I wish that was the story.

It went a little more like this: I came, I saw, I took way too long to put the rollers in, I slept a little uncomfortably, and I woke to underwhelming curls.

I really wanted these rollers to work, it would have meant the answer to all my morning woes!

No more running out the door with slicked back hair born out of function rather than fashion.

Maybe a few more minutes snuggled up under the covers dreaming about chocolate.

But no ladies, today is not that day.

I will continue the search; the mission lives on.

We cannot give up.

I will not be defeated!

PS.  Maybe I need a little more practice with the rollers.  Or maybe it doesn’t do too well with wavy hair(which I have).  If you’ve tried these, I’d love to hear about your experience.  Or if you have a recommendation of rollers that actually work, let me know!

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